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After spending years as a coordinator in different industries, I realized I have a birthright talent to organize, and problem solve. Then after studying Media in school and working in advertising, I found a passion for supporting small business and local organizations.

These two elements married together to bring me to where I am today with my freelance work.

As a digital native and small business owner myself I clearly understand the need for an online presence in the 21st Century. Everything from your website, google search hits, social media profiles, and online reviews can make or break your business! That’s why having a coordinator on your side is the best investment you secure for your business.


There was a time when the downtown sections of cities were where it was economically happening! Big Box Corporations and the World Wide Web changed that forever, in their respective times. However, with the World Wide Web, the small independent, mom & pop’s of the world can make a comeback. Staying on top of what that entails and enduring abreast of the constantly changing online landscape takes time and dedication.

Most small business owners went into business because they were passionate about what they do best. For many that’s not building websites, managing social media and search engine optimization. That’s where I come in!