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Web Design & Redesign

In the 21st Century your website in not only your business card but the first impression of your business to potential customers. I work with businesses very carefully to ensure their brand, messaging and company culture is represented in their online footprint. Whether you are starting fresh or want a more updated and functional website.

Yes, I use Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, and Wordpress. For a good reason. If my design clients do not wish to hire a Webmaster or IT department to maintain the site, it is easy for me to train them on how to operate the site.

You went into business to do what you do best and enjoy it! Building and maintaining the daily online operations, may not have been part of that vision. Allow me to help you out!

What type of website do you need?

Creative Portfolio

Blogger / Vlogger Website

Small Business Website

Special Event Website

Online Stores

Professional Services Website

Webmaster - Add on feature

A Webmaster is an administrator for your website. They will run the backend details, make sure the site is running correctly, help you execute your online goals pertaining to your website, make updates to content and deliver the analytics. 

Many of my clients do not wish to do the above themselves, because they love doing what they do best. They may also do not want to hire and staff an IT department. This is why I offer this service to my Web Design & Redesign clients on a monthly charge. Pricing is specific to each client. Please call for a quote. 

(I may consider taking on a Webmaster role for a site I did not build but is hosted on Squarespace, Weebly, Wix or Wordpress.)



Social Media Management

What does a Social Media Manager do?

  • Run your social media accounts by keeping a consistent presence online.

    • This is important if you want to stay in the minds of your customers and gain a stronger following of potential customers

  • Find on-brand content to post, create on-brand content to post

  • Analyze page traffic and audience

  • Reply and interact with customers

  • Develop and strengthen your branding online through Social Media.

Why do I need a Social Media Manager?

I will go back to the same reasoning as with hiring a Webmaster. You started your business because you LOVE what you do and do it WELL! Many if not all of us are on social media for personal reasons, and we feel savvy enough to manage our business social media profiles. What happens is many clients come to me frazzled because keeping up with it all is too much, or they don't have the time to grow their following. Many times they aren't sure how to develop their audience outside of their personal connections.

Special Event Production

People love a good time! One of the most successful ways to engage with your customers or future customers is to produce a special event showcasing your brand, products, and company. 

On the other hand, I have some clients who are just looking to produce a special event like a Retreat, Music Festival, Art Show, Wrap Parties, and so on. 

My services include but are not limited to: event design, booking venue and vendors, marketing, coordinating decor, special features, and guests, ticket sales, organizing permits and checking legal requirements, promotion, and more.

Photo by Pineapple Supply Co. from Pexels


Creative Collaboration

  • Branding - Every business has a story to tell, a message to send and a specific clientele to attract. Your branding needs to be consistent with your narrative and message and needs to be seen and heard the same way on every online platform and offline medium.

  • Creative Collab Mashup - The most fantastic brainstorming and coordinating meeting you'll ever have!

    • How often do you have amazing ideas and know exactly what you want to achieve, but don't know how to get there?

    • You know your business needs a fresh idea and you have a general path, but need to hone in on what will work best.

    • OR ... Maybe you have a zillion ideas, and you need to be narrowed down to what will be the best and how to deliver it on a shoestring budget to the masses!